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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Miracle Of Water And Prayer

Those who have already read , hopefully they can give wisdom once again ...It was two nights the little boy crying , and the third night he always cried when it was dark . Then another neighbor came and wanted to help the child. The person asked for a glass of water and recited Bismillah and other prayers , and then the water is given to the child . After a drink at some time later , a small child they will stop crying and getting sleepy , and finally fell asleep . Maybe the child is very tired to cry myself to sleep soundly . Is quite like it ?Water is the Source of Life , Without water living things will die . Just imagine when we are hit by prolonged drought , so hard to get water , some even kill each other for menapatkan water , which is why the water becomes very basic need for survival of life in the universe . Did you know that water has a tremendous miracle ...! It turned out that the water can be heard and change the shape of the molecule .

It turns out that a Japanese scientist , Masaru Emoto Doctorate from the University of Yokohama has conducted research on the behavior of water . The result is that the water can see , hear , and understand all languages ​​. Or in other words, it turns the water of life . Doctoral Emoto write in the book " The True Power of Water " , " The Hidden Massage of Water " , and " The Secret Life of Water " .
Masaru Emoto - dr -Dr.Masaru Emoto from Yokohama University diligently conducting research on pure water from springs on the island of Honshu prayed Shinto religion , and then cooled to -50 C in the laboratory , and then photographed with an electron microscope with a high speed camera . It turned out that the water molecules form a hexagonal crystal is very beautiful .The experiment was repeated by reading the words , " Arigato ( thank you in Japanese ) " in front of a water bottle earlier . Re- formed crystals are very beautiful . Then tried to confront the Japanese lettering , " Arigato " . Crystals formed with the same beauty . With a special camera , Doctor Masaru Emoto has succeeded in photographing water crystals in a frozen state and in different conditions - different , the water in the picture after given positive words like " thank you or love and gratitude " , in 20 seconds direct form crystals hexagonal / beautiful hexagon . Conversely when given negative words like "stupid " and listened to " rough music " , the water crystals seem chaotic and not hexagonal . Further shown the word " devil " , bad -shaped crystals . Played musical " Mozart Symphony " , crystal -shaped flowers appear . When the music " heavy metal " is played , the crystal shattered .When 500 people concentrate concentrate the message "peace " in front of a bottle of water , the water was crystal expands branch out beautifully . And when trying recited Islamic prayers , hexagonal crystals with five branches shimmering leaves appear . Subhanallah ...
  • When recited prayers for the healing of a bottle of water in front of the crystal recorded like this
  • When tried recited Islamic prayers, hexagonal crystals with five branches appear shimmering leaves
  • When played Mozart symphony music, flower-shaped crystals appeared.
  • When pronounced the word "thank you" on the water
  • When in saying good words as this will generally


  • When in saying bad words like this will generally :


  •  When heavy metal music is played, the crystal will be destroyed :  

  • Further shown the word "angel": the chain formed beautiful hexagonal crystals (left image) and when shown the word "devil", poorly shaped crystals with fireball middle (right image)


The picture above is the crystal water from the zam-zam water . The form of the zam-zam water molecules are arranged so pretty . Subhanallah .. Shaped as if diamonds were shining , and the rays issuing from the colors that draw exceeds 12 colors . MasyaAllah , beautiful .Dr.Emoto eventually around the world to experiment with water in Switzerland ,Berlin , France , Palestine , and he was then invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to present his findings in March 2005. It turned out that the water could " hear " the words , can " read " the writing , and can " understand " the message .In his book The Hidden Message in Water , Dr. . Masaru Emoto explained that the water is able to record a message , such as magnetic tape or compact disc . The stronger the concentration of its message , the message printed diair . Water can transfer the message via another water molecule . Perhaps this finding could explain why water is prayed to cure the sick . The first we consider idolatrous , or at least we think is just a suggestion , but it turns out that the water molecule captures the message of healing prayer , save it , and then the vibration propagates to other water molecules that exist in your body sick . The human body is 75 % made ​​up of water . Brain 74.5 % water . Blood 82 % water . Hard bone also contains 22 % water . That water is not just an inanimate object . He keeps the power , record power , healing power , and the strange properties of exposed human again waiting .Doctoral Masaru Emoto also explained that the water containing vibrations / energy that humans need to survive . Therefore humans can not survive without water . As seen in the microscope structure does look good water hexagonal , whereas the true 3 -dimensional shape . This proves water vibrations and can save diigunakan for energy transfer , then the Doctor Masaru Emoto recommends that gives the words right to water can make the water formed beautiful hexagonal crystals . Its amazing when the water is written and posted in Arabic ( Beautiful Names / Name of Allah ) then the water rose very beautiful crystals formed and enlarged . Similarly, Zamzam water or water that prayed he would form a crystal structure is hexagonal .To find out how much energy is generated or the efficacy of prayer water , according to Masaru Emoto Doctor can use the Einstein formula :E = m.c2
E = energy generated
M = Number of people who pray
C = Quality / beliefs of people who pray for them that
That's why Zamzam water or water that has been prayed to heal others , because every moment is always prayed by millions of people and never dropped out since it was discovered more than 15 centuries ago to form a hexagonal structure . According to Doctor Erwin Kusuma SPJK , that the group of six water molecules / hexamolekuler round shape , stable and sturdy and small so easy to enter the cells of the body when in drink , is also easily absorbed into the body cells so as to accelerate the process of cell metabolism . That is why water hexamolekuler called hexagonal water .Islam has been taught since the coming of the Prophet Muhammad long before the Doctor Masaru Emoto discovered that, before and after meals is sunnah to recite prayers and if drinking water and also by reading Bismillah Prophet leaders opposed war ever visit the sick and give you a glass of water that has been recited prayers and given him to recover .So the treatment is mostly done by village people who ask for water to be prayed by the clergy , kiayi , preachers and other religious people , thanks to a new study known secret that strengthen diballik Doctor Emoto water secret prayer. Behind the praying of water , it has the power to heal . Subhanallah ....Gallons of water a home , can be prayed every day to God with humility , so that children who drink pious , healthy , and intelligent , and that remains faithful husband who drink . Water was going to proceed forward in the body of a message to the water in the brain and blood vessels . With the permission of Allah , the message body will be carried out without us knowing .When the drinking water in a city seriously pray for piety , God willing, all residents who drink it will be good and not violent . Prophet. said , " Zamzam five syuriba lahu " , " Zamzam water will carry the message and intention to drink " . Whoever drank so satisfied , he will be satisfied . Whoever drank to cure the sick , he will recover . Good Heavens ! Zamzam water is worth so efficacious because he saves a message prayers of millions of people for thousands of years since the Prophet IbrahimWhen we reflect on the verses of the Koran dozens of water , we would jolt that God seems to always draw our attention to the water . That water is not just an inanimate object . He keeps the power , record power , healing power , and the strange properties of exposed human again waiting . Islam is a religion that is most attached to the water . Need water wudlu obligatory prayers 5 times a day . Expires mixed , married mandatory shower . Die also must be bathed . There is no other religion that tells bathing the corpse , instead there are burned . A Japanese scientist has pioneered this great discovery and Muslim scientists should continue this life assessment based on the Quran and the hadith .

8 Facts Wonders of Water :
1.Not all the water healthy and clear crystal structures formed when frozen . Only healthy water and are in an environment that is fun and let that be .
2.The molecular structure of water is affected by vibration , music , the power of thought , prayer , words or writings are attached ( labeled ) .
3.Zamzam water and Mecca when frozen and photographed to form a hexagon crystal clear and perfect .
4.Water can give positive and negative influences . Because it is highly recommended to pray before drinking it .
5.The water from polluted waters , tap water , toxic , and will never be heated to form crystals .
6.Water that has been given to classical music chant or prayer after frozen and photographed under a microscope will form the hexagonal crystal form of a beautiful flower . In contrast, if played loud music ( heavy metal ) .
7.Meditation and prayer only temporarily affect the water molecules . The proof , ritual and meditation do not continue in a dirty and smelly waters , just change the temporary odor .
8.Chant prayers continue to be heard throughout the ages as it does in the source water of Zamzam , is believed to create good quality increased water molecules , such as hexagonal crystals that fluoresce organized and beautifully colored .

" And We made ​​from water every living thing . " ( Surat al- Anbiya : 30 ) .
Subhanallah ..hopefully continue to grow our faith and not the slightest doubt of the power of God ..So , do not forget to pray in each of our daily activities because PRAYER FOR WEAPONS ARE BELIEVERS .

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